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Aldo's Cucina Italiana - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 9364479623
Categories for Aldo's Cucina Italiana: Italian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
- Sat
, 5pm - 11pm

Restaurant Rating - Aldo's Cucina Italiana:   ( 7 ratings / reviews )
2 stars.

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Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by Tyler on 09/24/2012.
Member since: September 2012.
1 stars
I had one of the specials, the Red Snapper with Crabmeat. The waiter said it would be pan-browned. When it arrived it was simply baked as opposed to pan-browned, and the skin was slimy. There was also a large quantity of the black meat associated with the lateral line under the skin. It was awful, but the real disappointment came when the bill for this special was $39.00. Very high price for avvery poor quality dinner. I will never return.

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by MMA72 on 03/10/2012.
Member since: March 2012.
1 stars
The reviews that have more than 2 stars are probably submitted by the owner This is an AWFUL restaurant. The food is overpriced (try their special for $36 bucks!!) and the service T E R R I B L E. We made our reservations through Open Table, and when we got there the host was very surprised it even worked!! AFter waiting 20 minutes for the menu, we finally ordered. Food came back 40 minutes after, just to get big chunks of garlic over a sea food broth and boxed spaguetti. DON'T BOTHER! TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by sstonetx on 01/11/2012.
Member since: October 2010.
5 stars
I had a wonderful experience with Aldo's. We ate there tonight expecting Olive Garden type of food. Instead, we had the most wonderful dish. We had been in Italy a month before and the food at Aldo's was as good as anything we ate in Italy. We had a sort of fish, muscle,shrimp, clam, dish in a tomatoe/basil soup-like base. We loved it. The waiters were very attentive, the chef, Aldo, came out to greet us as did the other owner, Pedro and the manager of the bar. I would recommend this to anyone who has experienced real Italian food. Granted we were not all dressed up, but, neither were other people. I was not expecting it to be as nice a place as it was. I have been to a lot of nice restaurants in The Woodlands and there is always a variety of dressing up or down. All in all, I would say this is an above average restaurant.

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by BarbaraJ on 11/22/2011.
Member since: November 2011.
2 stars
I have been to this restaurant twice since they opened just a couple of months ago. The first time I ordered a special fish dish that was not on the menu but the feature for that evening. It was very good. However, the service was not the same. I do have to say that they were very attentive to the fact that I am allergic to shellfish so they altered the sauce over the fish to be sure it did not have anything of that sort in it. So that was impressive. The second visit, we sat in the piano bar. The ambiance was very nice and the piano player was excellent. However, parents with kids were allowed in the bar and totally destroyed the evening because of the screaming and crying and tantrums they were having. We could not even talk with each other over this annoyance! Why are children allowed in a bar??? Especially when there was another side of the restaurant they could have eaten in! This night we ordered Italian instead of fish and it was not as good just ok. I had the Lasagna which had small pieces of sausage on top of it which I have never in my life had served that way before. The sausage was horrible. The lasagna was fair. We had to ask for everything we got, our wine, our silverware, our water refills. We wanted another glass of wine but our waiter never returned to ask that question. We had high hopes for this restaurant because the ambiance is so nice and we love piano bars. They wont stay in business long with the bad service they have and allowing the kids in the piano bar. We go to those places to get away from kids!! bj

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by Jnikoley on 11/13/2011.
Member since: November 2011.
1 stars
HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! and food is so so.... so many other places in the Woodlands that actually want your business. Don't waste your time or money at this restaurant.

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by Hayfield on 09/25/2011.
Member since: September 2011.
5 stars
Aldo's is one of finest Italian Restaurants in the Houston area. We love Italian, so we are always trying the new spots. The food was original and the service was very good. Aldo can prepare off the menu dishes if you request, and I can assure that you will be impressed! Enjoy!

Aldo's Cucina Italiana Reviewed by Ulysse on 09/09/2011.
Member since: September 2011.
2 stars
We were excited about trying this new restaurant. So i surprised my wife with dinner at Chef Aldo's. The hostess sat us down immediately. You can choose to sit in the piano bar area or in the dining room. The piano music sounded great but we decided to sit in the dining room for a more romantic dinner. One would assume that if one had to make reservations for dinner, the dress code would be at least be dress casual. Some of the guests were wearing shorts and t-shirts. We sat down and were immediately brought the bread with various dips and olives. They were unexpected but went really well with the ambiance. After having some bread....we were waiting for someone to take our drink order...perhaps a nice bottle of wine. We waited.....and waited....and waited. After 15 minutes of watching waiters going right past our table and seeing the manager go by as well, we decided to get up and leave. And by the way, we were dressed business casual. On the way out, 15 minutes after being seated, i thanked the hostess who just sat us. Her reply was "Thanks for coming in. Have a nice evening". Upon which i replied, we will, we are going to another restaurant that will take care of us. I am giving them a 1 because the bread was good.....service was non existent.

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