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BJ's Brewhouse - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 9362737100
Categories for BJ's Brewhouse: American Restaurants, Bars, Taverns & Breweries
Restaurant Rating - BJ's Brewhouse:   ( 7 ratings / reviews )
4 stars.

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BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by diamondback92262 on 06/10/2014.
Member since: June 2014.
1 stars
Good food, beer, and atmosphere.

BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by qwerty on 03/15/2012.
Member since: March 2012.
1 stars
Pretty good. They did change their soup selection which is what we really love and since it was on a Saturday they didn't offer that flavor on that day. What a jip.

Response from dgilreath on 03/16/2012.
I used to love their Fish & Chips then they changed the recipe and now it's terrible. I can do without this place now!
BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by texbuck on 06/23/2011.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
BJ's went downhill fast since my last review, we are finished with this place!

BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by skbrown8 on 06/22/2011.
Member since: June 2011.
1 stars
3 of us were there last night in the bar area. there is a good selection of food and beer and it is a bit pricey. our waitress was busy. too busy to give us very good service. it took forever to get the pizza we ordered. some guy,(no nametag) came over and apologized to us. he said the kitchen staff was busy handling a couple of big parties. i feel like we should have gotten the pizza free, but we didn't. i ordered a beer and it took about 10 minutes to get it. I ask the bartender to put one of the TV's on the Ranger/Astro game and he said he would, but never did. At the end of the meal, some guy came over with a dessert and a candle in it and ask us if we were having a birthday. we said no, wrong table. the waitress came over and told us it was for us. a peace offering. we don't do dessert so we sent it down to another table. i really feel like we should have been compensated for the wait time to get our food. we eat out every Tuesday and usually go to wings 'n' more. we though about adding BJ's to the rotation, but not after last night.

BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by woodlands1 on 05/24/2011.
Member since: May 2011.
1 stars
Wow, has to be the worst service ever! Good selection of Beers and Food but the staff needs to be improved. Very Rude and over charge customers. They take avantage of customers on the happy hour discounts by saying what you've ordered doesn't count. Then I mentioned they charge me full price for the beer instead of the dollar off, they acted suprised and said "it's only a dollar" Then they started to tell other guest in there that we were complaining over a dollar. Give me a break, I couldn't believe how we were being treated for something they said we were getting. Too many other choices out there, Stay away from this one.

BJ's Brewhouse Reviewed by texbuck on 12/30/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Good restaurant with excellent service. We've been here five times and never disappointed.

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