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KITA Japanese Cuisine - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2812981888
Categories for KITA Japanese Cuisine: Chinese & Asian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - KITA Japanese Cuisine:   ( 2 ratings / reviews )
5 stars.

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KITA Japanese Cuisine Reviewed by NatBauti07 on 08/27/2012.
Member since: August 2012.
1 stars
I loved it the sushi rolls were great !!!! And they were really friendly.

KITA Japanese Cuisine Reviewed by SandiM on 02/08/2011.
Member since: February 2011.
1 stars
What a great new Japanese restaurant in the Woodlands. Try the hot rock steak its really delicious as well as being fun to do.

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Chinese & Asian Restaurants Restaurants in The Woodlands

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