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Stadia Sports Grill - The Woodlands Restaurants

Categories for Stadia Sports Grill: Bars, Taverns & Breweries
$$ (2/5)
Restaurant Rating - Stadia Sports Grill:   ( 4 ratings / reviews )
1 stars.

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Stadia Sports Grill Reviewed by BradS13 on 05/08/2012.
Member since: May 2012.
1 stars
I doubt I will ever come back to this bar. The service was good but the managers were always interrupting the waitress and telling them things that needed to be done around the place other than serving my table, the customers. I noticed it not only happening to my table but to the tables around mine as well. I also happen to notice that the managers went around and asked certain tables how they were doing and if everything was ok, however my table got nothing but interruptions from the manager to tell our waitress that she needed to go serve someone else, obviously a regular as he was laughing and joking with the manager most of the night. I felt like this was very unprofessional of the mangager and very annoying when I was trying to order more beer for my table to make the place money and I couldn't even do so. I understand your regulars make you money but how do you make more regulars I wonder? Mabye they just don't need my business, and I doubt they will get it again. If they make more money pushing their waitresses to the older men in the bar area and letting them grope the wait staff I guess thats what makes the most money. I liked the place and the waitresses as well as all the televisions, but I seriously wonder if the people running the place have any idea on how to run a business. The bar could really be something if the managers would let it. I'd love to go there often if I felt didn't feel like the managers were eyeballing me the whole time and keeping my waitress from doing her job.

Stadia Sports Grill Reviewed by SandiM on 02/08/2011.
Member since: February 2011.
4 stars
Fantastic place to watch sports...and the buffalo shrimp are so yummy...

Stadia Sports Grill Reviewed by Bill52 on 06/13/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
1 stars
The atmosphere was fine, typical sports bar type. However, the service was horrible. It took 15 minutes to get a server to come over, then another 10 minutes for drinks, yet another 10 for her to come back and take the order, and another 5 to come back to state that she forgot half of what we asked for. Food came our in about 20 minutes, however the the taste and texture, as best fair. To many other restaurants in area to both with this one again.

Restaurant Categories:
Bars, Taverns & Breweries Restaurants in The Woodlands

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