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La Trattoria Tuscano - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 281-419-2252
Categories for La Trattoria Tuscano: Italian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - La Trattoria Tuscano:   ( 9 ratings / reviews )
4 stars.

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La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by TexSunJim on 07/29/2017.
Member since: July 2017.
4 stars
My wife is an excellent Italian cook and I am very critical of Italian restaurants. Most important to me is the sauce. The sauce here is very acceptable. The quality of the food is good (try the veal parmesan), desserts are excellent, the portions are generous. The service is okay. Sometimes a little slow since everything is cooked to order which I prefer. Prices are very reasonable. I recommend you give it a try.

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by BigH on 09/22/2011.
Member since: September 2011.
3 stars
Service was slow and the food was very unimpressive. They make a mean mojito though.

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by 52Britton on 11/16/2010.
Member since: November 2010.
5 stars
Staff are great! Chef Bob makes the best pies in town. Love the food. Take the time to get to know this place, you will love it!

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by anakindo on 10/09/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
4 stars
Have eaten there 4x in past 6 months. Their salmon with roast vegetables is EXCELLENT, as well as their garlic scampi. They were surprisingly generous with the scampi; it was flavorful and not heavy. Fell in love with their lemon cheesecake which they always had available 6 months ago, but don't serve anymore. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. The brownies were small and much too expensive for the 2-3-inch size, even if they were 'gourmet.' But overall, the service was very good and the dishes very good, not mass produced! Will come back.

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by wdlndsfoodie on 09/30/2010.
Member since: September 2010.
5 stars
Finally-a non-chain italian place! I have eaten here several times, and have loved everything I've gotten-Mussels, Veal piccatta, Sicilian CHicken, Cappellini Diavolo, and a Fish special, so far. Desserts are all made in house, and fantastic-the brownie and napolean are the best. Servers are great- had Myron during lunch, and Susan was exceptional at dinner- she provided true fine-dining service (even removed the bread crumbs on the table before our food came!). Very reasonable prices, too.

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by RayLovesGoodFood on 07/26/2010.
Member since: July 2010.
5 stars
Outstanding restaurant! A welcome change to the sameness of chain restaurants. The chef is inspired, the food is wonderful, the staff is cheerful. The prices are very reasonable. My wife and I have been dining there several times a month for the past several months, and we have been very pleased every time.

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by louisegarmin on 07/26/2010.
Member since: July 2010.
5 stars
I totally DISagree with the previous review. This restaurant is THE BEST. The food is glorious and a more than reasonable price and the staff is friendly and helpful. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood!

La Trattoria Tuscano Reviewed by WoodlandsResident on 06/17/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
1 stars
I was not impressed by the service at this restuarant. The food was mediocre at best and not worth the price. As an lover of Italian food I would suggest that people go elsewhere!

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