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Katz's Deli - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 936-321-1880
Categories for Katz's Deli: Cafes / Delis
$$ (2/5)
Restaurant Rating - Katz's Deli:   ( 12 ratings / reviews )
1 stars.

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Katz's Deli Reviewed by Gnokes on 06/30/2017.
Member since: July 2010.
1 stars
Like the revamp of restaurant layout, however, DO NOT like automatic 18% graturity added. Been going to this location for years, WILL NOT be back!

Katz's Deli Reviewed by james on 03/08/2015.
Member since: March 2015.
3 stars
Good tasting food, overpriced for small portions. Service excellant and free pickles for a german family a plus. Fore I would like to have a menu to hold and read what your ordering instead from a stand up menu walking in. No second visit for us.(Sure will miss the great tasting pickles).

Katz's Deli Reviewed by bbaildon on 05/20/2014.
Member since: May 2014.
1 stars
Awful experience. Was just there on 5/18/14. Broccoli cheese soup tasted like they opened up Campbells cheese soup - no hint of broccoli at all. Chicken entree was burnt but was not visual due to the gravy sauce over it but only flavor was the burnt taste of the chicken. Pastrami on sandwich was thick and chewy and removed to be able to eat other meat left on the sandwich. Will never, ever go back. Thought it would be a great place for my brother to get a philly cheesesteak sandwich - boy, was I wrong. TAKE YOUR VISITORS ELSEWHERE.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by sstonetx on 10/24/2013.
Member since: October 2010.
3 stars
I was not impressed. The food was so so.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by betty12345 on 06/08/2012.
Member since: June 2012.
5 stars
Absolutely the best deli I have ever been in. The food was awesome and great service. Can't wait to visit again.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by MHoffpauir on 06/08/2012.
Member since: April 2010.
5 stars
Kazts is an outstanding deli syle restaurant. Come hungry, because the portion size on my sandwich was huge. I hear they also have really good catering services - a co-worker used them and was very pleased.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by mkmcneill on 08/14/2011.
Member since: August 2011.
5 stars
Best deli out there by far. The free pickles go with any meal and if you can't find something that will make everyone in your family happy, they are too picky. My kids are the pj lest eaters ever and they ask to eat here.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by TEastwold on 06/16/2011.
Member since: June 2011.
1 stars
Pastrami tasted like fried bologna. Little meat on sandwich. Reubin sandwich more sourcraut than meat. Two medium sandwiches, two fries, one softdrink, $31. Outrageous price especially for bad food!

Katz's Deli Reviewed by xena69 on 05/27/2011.
Member since: May 2011.
1 stars
Both my guest and I ate at Katz's Deli on Westheimer near Montrose and became deathly ill about 23 hours later; after contacting the manager he said he call this number in the Woodlands; I cant help you. The number was a voice mail and they never returned my calls; shows they only care about taking my money and nothing else; I work in the same business just higher on the scale; and we would never let this become an issue. The word will get around about your uncaring greedy attitude. Anthony 8327953860

Katz's Deli Reviewed by thorntondean on 05/18/2011.
Member since: May 2011.
1 stars
I order the Ruben Classic. It was a waste of money. 2 express sandwiches put together. 3 pieces of bread very little meat and a lot of sourkraut, no dressing. No sandwich that cost over $12 should be so terrible. No one very came by after meal was delivered. Never waste your money on this place.

Katz's Deli Reviewed by djohn78 on 08/19/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
5 stars
A little pricy but great food! The owner is often standing right there working along side the staff. Yum!!!

Katz's Deli Reviewed by tllegan1 on 03/04/2010.
Member since: March 2010.
2 stars
sky high price for a sandwich, next time i'll stick to murphy's.

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Cafes / Delis Restaurants in The Woodlands

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