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Pei Wei Asian Diner - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 9362719217
Categories for Pei Wei Asian Diner: Chinese & Asian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - Pei Wei Asian Diner:   ( 11 ratings / reviews )
1 stars.

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Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by Twins on 04/18/2019.
Member since: April 2019.
1 stars
On March 17 2019 My family and I went into this location. It is not a place we frequent. My son ordered sushi and when I got up to go to the soda area where they keep the soy sauce I didnt notice it was on the shelf. A man was about 7ft from me I had never seen before and asked me what I needed and I told him I was looking for the sauce. He came up and said its right there and pointed it out to me. I thank him and as I was looking up on the shelf he put his arm around me a pulled me to him with three hard tugs. I was shocked and stunned by the incident. I went back to my table with my ribs sore and asked my son if he saw what just happened and he said yes and that was weird. My ribs were sore from that incident and I felt I needed to report it so I called Pei Wei customer office and reported it and they said they would look into it. I ask them to watch the cameras and they told me they didnt have cameras I thought that cant be maybe she was wrong. I then received a call from their insurance company wanting a statment. I told them what happened and still no apology. I asked them to watch the cameras and they could see what happened and take would confirm my story. Today I received a letter from their insurance company with no apology and it said they found the manager did nothing wrong. This is insane since a manager should NEVER touch a customer. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They should have made the manager apologized to me. If something like this ever happens to you call the police right away and do not call Pei Wei because they dont care. The letter the company's representive sent me a letter that read "they found no wrong doing on the manager part" REALLY??? So are they saying their managers can touch or grab customers? If this manager has a wife or girlfriend they would not have been good with their man grabbing me so why is PeiWei? UPDATE on 416/19 Today a repersentive from PeiWei called to discuss this incident and I did ask if they could watch the cameras and he told me they do not have cameras and were unable to do that but he did aplologize for the treatment of the nature of the letter I received from their insurance company. He offered me a gift card(which was nice) He should have monetarily compensated me for the situation that occured and fired that manager. I would suggest that if you ever are out and something like this happens you get witness immediately and call the police.

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by chrisieb on 06/14/2013.
Member since: June 2013.
1 stars
Ive eaten here often but today the food was not the usual quality. the lettuce wraps have shrunk to about half the size I got 6 months ago and they were so salty I couldn't eat them. and the sauce tasted like it was overly salty. The lettuce was not drained. I'll give it one more time as I love this place. Husband got sizzlin chicken and it was good.

Response from iris2012 on 06/18/2013.
I can sum this place up in one word .... inconsistent
Response from iris2012 on 06/18/2013.
I can sum this place up in one word .... inconsistent
Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by texbuck on 02/13/2013.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Broke my cardinal rule today about waiting 7-10 days before ordering from a new location. That was due to my demanding wife!! (tic) We ordered carry out and the results are as follows: 6 Pork Egg Rolls ...poor not enough sweet & Sour sauce 7 kind of dry. Sweet& Sour Shrimp ... excellent, best I've had at several places. Lo Mein (steak) average at best, no flavor something missing! Kung Pao, (steak) Brown rice, very good could have used more sauce. For the first trip and the second day they were open I would give them a "B" and would expect a big improvement in a few weeks. We will definately return and dine in on the next trip. One positive everything was in the bag, nothing missing on the order. I am sure that a few of the problems could have been resolved if we ate in the restaurant.

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by AgingRiverTamer on 04/11/2012.
Member since: March 2012.
1 stars
Great food, a faster version of P F Chang!

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by sstonetx on 04/10/2012.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
I love this restaurant! It has been consistently good.

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by HayHo on 08/19/2010.
Member since: January 2011.
1 stars
This place has very good asian cuisine! I used to go with friends all the time and now I bring my boyfriend to the one in the Woodlands. You can get everything from lettuce wraps to honey glazed chicken. Their chai tea is amazing!

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by MercilessTx on 08/19/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
1 stars
A quick way to get a good asian meal! I love the Pei Wei Spicy!

Pei Wei Asian Diner Reviewed by Rutherford on 02/11/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
4.5 stars
Good food, good price... atmosphere is so/so

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