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Brother's Pizza Express - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2814198550
Categories for Brother's Pizza Express: Delivery / Carry-Out, Pizza
Restaurant Rating - Brother's Pizza Express:   ( 9 ratings / reviews )
5 stars.

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Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by texbuck on 01/12/2017.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Great Pizza and good service, we never get delivery and prefer to pick it up that way it's hot when we get home. We have also had their sandwiches (subs) which are also very good.

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by hanschristiananderson on 12/02/2015.
Member since: September 2015.
1 stars
Never had a problem here, they even offer us free drinks when we are waiting for carryout. Love their pizza and subs!

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by ambsyl on 11/16/2015.
Member since: November 2015.
1 stars
Everyone who loves Brother's Pizza, NEVER take your business to the Brother's off Woodlands Parkway and Kuykendahl. The manager was EXTREMELY rude and sent her son to collect the cold food they delivered. We thought we would have to drive it up there after having an altercation with the owner and decided against it. We thought it would be left at that but it wasn't. Here’s what happened: I called and placed my order around 1:43pm. Around 3:20 our food arrived and the driver apologized and informed us that he made a mistake when we he told me they delivered here. We should've ordered from the Grogan's Mill location. We figured lesson learned. Seth and I went to dig in and the pizza and wings weren't even hot. Seth decided to call back and inform the manager that the pizza took forever to get here and the food wasn't even hot. She was very defensive and called Seth a liar and began raising her voice at him. Told him she would refund him and to take his business elsewhere next time. I tried to defuse the situation and hopped on the phone and she proceed to yell at me and hung up. I called back to figure out what she wanted us to do and she kept yelling at me telling me to take my business elsewhere and not to call back. At this point I figured she wanted us to take the pizza up there and that's not something I wanted to do. She seemed like a very rude person and I did not want things to escalate. I called the Grogan's Mill location and spoke with the manager, R.T. who was very professional and apologetic about the actions of the Sterling Ridge owner, Lima. He reports that he has gotten several calls about how she treats her customers. About 20 minutes later the driver shows up and turns out he's her son. He wanted us to give him the food because his mother took it upon herself to void the transaction and not communicate with us what she wanted to do. We heated up the pizza and wings and ate because we thought it was done with. She hung up on us three times and told me she would file telephone harassment against us. All I wanted to know was how she was going to rectify the situation. Her son was extremely rude and wouldn't let me shut our front door. Seth had to slam it shut and I locked it. This OWNER has no class and lacks what it takes to work in customer service! I have NEVER had an owner of a business treat me as she did and tell me to take my business elsewhere! This was one of the strangest things I've ever had happen and I want this to be shared!

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by Epeemom on 02/22/2013.
Member since: February 2013.
1 stars
Can be greasy, but closer than NY or NJ, good for takeout. Salads are not worth it.

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by txwoodchuck on 08/10/2012.
Member since: September 2011.
1 stars
As close to a N.Y. Pizzeria as I've found in The Woodlands.

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by texbuck on 10/05/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
always good, better than most!

Brother's Pizza Express Reviewed by TraceyR on 06/10/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
4.5 stars
This is my absolute favorite place to pick up some slices to go. They are always fast and friendly and the value can't be beat. I can pick up lunch in five minutes.

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Pizza Restaurants in The Woodlands
Delivery / Carry-Out Restaurants in The Woodlands

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