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Sitar Cuisine of India - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2813640200
Categories for Sitar Cuisine of India: Indian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - Sitar Cuisine of India:   ( 3 ratings / reviews )
4 stars.

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Sitar Cuisine of India Reviewed by plymouth on 01/24/2017.
Member since: May 2016.
4 stars
I ordered the chicken masala. The food was great and the employees were great at fixing my ordering mistake. I will go back again.

Sitar Cuisine of India Reviewed by Pickyeater50 on 08/17/2015.
Member since: August 2015.
5 stars
Excellent food, always fresh and replenished. Buffet is constantly monitored and kept tidy. Complementary freshly made tandoori bread is served. Before each return the buffet a fresh dish is always brought to the table by a monitor, you never have to ask. Food is not hot for the American customer. Place is always busy. If I eat Indian, this is it for me!

Response from isuru on 08/17/2015.
Not to spicy for the American customer, the cooked food is not served cold. Thanks

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