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Ace Chinese Restaurant - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2813633993
Categories for Ace Chinese Restaurant: Chinese & Asian Restaurants
$$ (2/5)
Restaurant Rating - Ace Chinese Restaurant:   ( 12 ratings / reviews )
1.5 stars.

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Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by powemica on 01/14/2014.
Member since: December 2013.
1 stars
Ace Chinese is OUT OF BUSINESS!

Response from abrown1218 on 01/15/2014.
After 31 years in the Panther Creek Shopping Center, Ace Chinese Restaurant is moving to a new house! 32823 FM 2978, Magnolia,TX! Happy Holidays and see you there! #Woodlandstexas #acechineserestaurant #Thewoodlandstexas #magnoliatexas #Panthercreekshoppingcenter #Chineserestaurants
Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by cmhsymcb on 02/08/2013.
Member since: February 2013.
1 stars

Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by txwoodchuck on 08/10/2012.
Member since: September 2011.
1 stars
Have been there many times and always good. A nice quiet, small, above average food. It's been there 16+ years,, if that means anything.

Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by sstonetx on 06/03/2012.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
We went to the Sunday buffet about 1:30 pm. A third of the food was taken and not replaced, there were no plates, no bowls for the soup. Overall, the service and the food was under mediocre. Maybe the regular days and the regular menu are different, but, this was not very good food or service.

Response from abrown1218 on 07/12/2012.
That place is what I call a F & L First and last ...once is enough!
Response from abrown1218 on 07/12/2012.
That place is what I call a F & L First and last ...once is enough!
Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by KeithK on 02/21/2010.
Member since: January 2010.
4 stars
Service is great, very good Chinese food with the typical selections. Large portions.

Ace Chinese Restaurant Reviewed by Babsey on 02/15/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
4 stars
The reason I love this place so much is because... well, honestly, they are pretty much the only asain place that delivers to my dad's house. I do like the food, although it is pretty american-ized. If you are looking for general tso, beef and brocoli, or chicken fried rice though, this is the place you are looking for. I also looove the waitress I usually get when I dine in; she is so sweet and good humored! I actually even tried to convince her that she needed to marry my brother, but no progress as of yet.. haha All in all, if you are looking for something close with all the usual favorites, this is your place. The delivery here is something you should keep in mind as well!

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Chinese & Asian Restaurants Restaurants in The Woodlands

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