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Kirby's Steakhouse - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2813621121
Categories for Kirby's Steakhouse: American Restaurants, Fine Dining, Steaks
$$$$$ (5/5)
Restaurant Rating - Kirby's Steakhouse:   ( 7 ratings / reviews )
1 stars.

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Kirby's Steakhouse Reviewed by Andimarle on 10/21/2016.
Member since: October 2016.
1 stars
I recommend to avoid coming to this restaurant. A couple of weeks ago I had decided to go with my family to celebrate for a birthday. At the end of the night, we walk out to our car and noticed that the windows had been broken. There was shattered glass everywhere and items from our car had been stolen. This had also happened to three other cars in the parking lot that same night. Mind you, valet was not even 100 feet away and there is absolutely no way that they didn't hear four cars being broken into as glass was everywhere. According to the valet, theft and vandalism has been a reoccurring problem each week at this location. We were told by the manager that they would comp our meal and help with the damages to the car. However, they had completely lied to us. We spent hundreds of dollars on dinner that night to celebrate a birthday only to walk out to our car and notice we had been robbed. Not only that but now we are stuck unable to drive our car and having to pay for the damages. I was shocked to find out that they would not at least comp our meal. I am extremely disappointed for such a nice restaurant, how terribly they treat their customers and their safety. My family and I will no longer be coming to this restaurant.

Kirby's Steakhouse Reviewed by LP123 on 06/03/2013.
Member since: June 2013.
1 stars
I love Kirby's! My husband and I eat there every year for our anniversary. The food is fabulous, and I love that the sides are shareable. My favorite is the lobster risotto.

Kirby's Steakhouse Reviewed by Joesmith on 01/18/2011.
Member since: January 2011.
1 stars
Do not waste your money! Does not even compare to Flemings or Perry's. Way overpriced for the food quality. A lady manager came by to ask us how everything was before our food even arrived!

Kirby's Steakhouse Reviewed by texbuck on 11/16/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
That place is what I call a F&L .... First and last, nothing met my expectations. Outback quality with Del Frisco's and Mortons priccing.

Kirby's Steakhouse Reviewed by SheEats on 02/04/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
1 stars
Sorry Kirby's. When your Risotto tastes like it came out of a Lipton's soup mix there is just no hope. The smell of cigarettes drowning out my food can't be redeemed.

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