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The Cheesecake Factory - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2814193400
Categories for The Cheesecake Factory: American Restaurants, Desserts & Ice Cream, Fine Dining
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - The Cheesecake Factory:   ( 8 ratings / reviews )
4 stars.

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The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by Holliros on 11/15/2014.
Member since: November 2014.
4 stars
We just ate here last night and didn't like too much eating outside (due to wait and cold) and waiting on bread...but the waiter was a hidden gem!! On our way out, he sang a birthday song to a customer. He sang, "I'll Be" by the GooGoo Dolls and he was REALLY GOOD!! My sister and I had to stop and just listen! Tall, young guy with a tattoo of a musical note (I think) on his right side neck, good looking. He was awesome!! I may go back, fake my birthday just so he can sing to me. ;)

The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by txwoodchuck on 08/10/2012.
Member since: September 2011.
4 stars
Always enjoy it. Usually very busy, but they handle it well. It is what it is... A huge menu of many different types of food's. Generous portions. Excellent deserts. Reasonable prices.

The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by Silky on 12/16/2010.
Member since: December 2010.
1 stars
The worst fish tacos I have ever been served. The fish smelled real bad, no taste, corn tacos hard and dry. Service not good, wife ordered soup and salad, had to ask for soup, ordered coffee twice before getting it. Bill was incorrect and had the audacity to add 18% Tip. I have eaten at the Galleria in Houston and in Honolulu at their restaurant, one of my favorite places. We went elsewhere for deseret

The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by djohn78 on 08/19/2010.
Member since: June 2010.
4 stars
Great place for a meal and desert! Large selection of food and a great friendly staff!

The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by jk on 06/14/2010.
Member since: November 2009.
4.5 stars
We go here just for the Cheesecake. The meals are good, too, but the Cheesecake is fantastic, hence the name of the restaurant. ;)

The Cheesecake Factory Reviewed by SheEats on 02/04/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
3 stars
Mediocre - bleh

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