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Jasper's Restaurant - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2812986600
Categories for Jasper's Restaurant: American Restaurants, Steaks
$$$$ (4/5)
Restaurant Rating - Jasper's Restaurant:   ( 14 ratings / reviews )
2.5 stars.

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Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by woodlandslocal on 09/26/2014.
Member since: September 2014.
1 stars
Unique offerings and wonderful hickory wood-fire smell, but pretentious. Food doesn't live up to the restaurant's own hype. The "prize winning ribs" were tasty, but not nearly as good as dry rub (e.g., Rendevous in Memphis). Indian-spiced hamburger was thick, gray, and bland. Baked potato salad was delicious, though. Reasonable prices for entrees, but cocktails were $12. Terrible coffee.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by JessCourt on 04/26/2014.
Member since: April 2014.
1 stars
Did not like the price vs amount/quality of food given. Wait time for table very slow (even during non peek times). Food also was cold when received.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by martinmom on 07/12/2013.
Member since: July 2013.
1 stars
Dropped by here before a concert at the CW Pavilion. Great place. Great happy hour prices for drinks and appetizers. The queso cheese dip and lettuce wraps were AWESOME. Our waitress was very nice. Great service even though the place was packed! I will be back!!!

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by Lilia on 03/06/2013.
Member since: March 2013.
1 stars
Was really very disappointed. I booked a table but when I arrived to the restaurant, table was not ready. I was waiting for 20 minutes and it still was not ready. So we left and went to the other place. I don't understand why noone called me and told that my table will not be available in time.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by Epeemom on 02/22/2013.
Member since: February 2013.
1 stars
Best. Happy. Hour. Ever. Great bar food- I'm a huge fan. Restaurant is overpriced and average food- I had the ribs and they were dry and shriveled. Stick with the bar and happy hour!

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by BigH on 09/22/2011.
Member since: September 2011.
1 stars
We ate here a few years back and was wholly unimpressed, with the exception of the chocolate martini. Just tried it again and it was fabulous. Had the peach BBQ pork and it was amazing. Chocolate martini is still to die for.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by foodiechic on 08/26/2011.
Member since: August 2011.
1 stars
I like the atmosphere and location. The blue cheese chips were to die for! cool bar scene too. will go back

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by SandiM on 02/08/2011.
Member since: February 2011.
1 stars
Fantastic Happy hour...all day on Sundays...good martinis

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by texbuck on 12/30/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Way over rated in my opinion and this place has been getting several demerits in the Villager for cleanliness issues, you can have it, I'll pass.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by texbuck on 12/06/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Over priced, small portions and way too many cleanliness violations to suit me.

Jasper's Restaurant Reviewed by SheEats on 02/04/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
5 stars
One of my favorites. Dinners with Chef Kent are the best value in town. Backyard cuisine gone uptown! Fun place for groups or for couples. My favorite dishes are actually seafood dishes! Not to mention the Blue cheese Potato Chips will rock your world. They could do bette with the wine. Reds are always off temp. in the bar - disappointing for this caliber of restaurant.

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