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The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2814661502
Categories for The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub: Bars, Taverns & Breweries
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub:   ( 6 ratings / reviews )
0 stars.

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The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub Reviewed by anakindo on 10/09/2010.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Though I've been pleased with the food, the service has been a bit cold (hopefully nothing to do with our ethnicity!), haphazard and lacking in focus! The apple slaw accompanying the fish & chips is unique, refreshing and excellent. Their cobb salad is good; however, I found a tiny piece of green hard plastic in my salad the last time I was there, and made the waiter aware of it. The only reaction was a lukewarm "Oh, I'm sorry." This did not rise to the level of what one would call "quality" customer service one would expect in The Woodlands.

The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub Reviewed by redbird on 04/22/2010.
Member since: April 2010.
2.5 stars
I have eaten at The Gooses Acre twice. Once I ate off the menu and the food was good. On Easter Sunday we went and ate off the buffet. That is a mistake. The food was Cold and not very good. Did I mention the food was VERY COLD. Do not eat at the buffet unless you enjoy cold food! When I say cold food I MEAN DOES ANYONE LIKE COLD SCRAMBLED EGGS? The Goose's Acre should be avoided for buffets. Many patrons were ordering off the menu. I should have paid attention and I wouldn't be disappointed that I recommended this place to my family for a very poor holiday lunch. Yuck

The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub Reviewed by Rutherford on 02/11/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
5 stars
Love their apple coleslaw! When the weather is nice its really pretty to sit on the patio next to the water.

The Gooses Acre Bistro & Irish Pub Reviewed by mebdes on 02/03/2010.
Member since: February 2010.
5 stars
The Goose's Acre has great food, I haven't ordered anything that I've been disappointed with. My alcoholic beverage has been messed up a couple of times, but they were quick to fix the problem. My favorite part about this restaurant is that the building itself is actually from least that's what I've been told.

Restaurant Categories:
Bars, Taverns & Breweries Restaurants in The Woodlands

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