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McAlister's Deli - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 9362711888
Categories for McAlister's Deli: Cafes / Delis, Catering / Caterers
$$ (2/5)
Restaurant Rating - McAlister's Deli:   ( 4 ratings / reviews )
5 stars.

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McAlister's Deli Reviewed by chynacat on 06/03/2013.
Member since: May 2011.
5 stars
This place has recently undergone a very much needed management change and it has been great! The new manager obviously cares deeply about the quality and service. We had stopped going because of the poor service and inconsistent quality but recently gave it another shot. We will continue to patronize this location and recommend it to all our friends!

McAlister's Deli Reviewed by lan71 on 12/08/2011.
Member since: December 2011.
5 stars
This restaurant is locally owned and a huge supporter of the community. The staff is always very friendly. I agree with Lavoiet, the Savannah Chopped salad is delicious with sherry shallot dressing. My favorite sandwich is the Memphian piled high with roast beef, smoked ham and turkey. I recommend McAlister's to all my friends!

McAlister's Deli Reviewed by Dkay on 07/26/2011.
Member since: July 2011.
2 stars
Portions were inadequate for a meal. They were closer to snack.

McAlister's Deli Reviewed by lavoiet on 05/26/2011.
Member since: April 2011.
5 stars
I love their salads! My teenage daughter do to. Favorites besides their sweet tea: chopped Savannah salad, greek salad, and Taco Salads! A definate lunch time favorite for my family and friends.

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