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Interview with Robert O’Farrell of RMO Benefits - The Woodlands

Interview with Robert O’Farrell of RMO Benefits - The Woodlands

Published: Mar 08, 2021, 2:30pm

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As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, we sat down this week with Robert O’Farrell, owner of RMO Benefits.

Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around?
As an independent insurance broker, I provide insurance solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses.
Through my partnership with Healthcare Solutions Team and LEB Insurance Group, I offer private health insurance, group benefit packages, Medicare supplemental coverage, cancer/critical illness and accident coverage, as well as short-term medical and healthcare sharing options. I make every effort to advise my clients on the best plans to meet their budget and coverage needs. My primary mission is to help my clients with something that can be very confusing and overwhelming and make it as effortless and pain-free as possible.
In 2017, I started my own insurance brokerage, RMO Benefits, to offer my clients a broader range of insurance solutions.

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work?
For over 20 years, I enjoyed selling and managing sales teams for various capital and medical equipment corporations. But I wasn’t exactly what you would call “fulfilled.” I really wanted to do something that allowed me to make a difference for others. Thus, I switched to working in the insurance industry.
After working in the insurance industry for 2 years, I decided to become an independent broker and leverage my business-to-business and sales background.
I love working with people and having the ability to make their lives a little easier by identifying their specific needs and creating solutions that maximize their insurance coverage, while staying well within their budget. As an independent business owner, I also love spending more time with my princess, my eight-year-old daughter Mina.

Tell us a couple of things that you are proud of in your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition?
I take great pride in helping people every single day. People are often frustrated with the high premiums and deductibles, which have become the norm with insurance since the Affordable Care Act was implemented.
I especially love to help people save money on their healthcare plans. Recently, I was able to save a family $1,400 a month on their premiums. In this economy, that makes a big difference.
My clients don’t want to spend hours on hold and dealing with the confusion that comes with policy issues. On my client’s behalf, I go the extra mile to troubleshoot with the insurance carrier. I’m proud that I can provide the help my clients need and that they can then focus on their jobs and spend more time with their families.

What is your favorite part of running this business?
I really appreciate the flexibility of my schedule. Since my schedule is flexible, I can meet the needs of my clients by offering evening appointments. I understand that many of us must work around our kid’s schedules.
My relationship with my clients is especially important to me. I treat my clients like family, and I have forged many new friendships through my business.
I also enjoy helping business owners figure out how to insure themselves. From personal experience, I know how hard it is to find my own coverage as a small business owner. Anyone self-employed has great insurance options. I also have solutions for companies with 5 to 100 employees.

Who is your ideal customer/client? Who do you serve best?
Our ideal customer is any individual or business owner who has an issue with their health, life or cancer, critical illness, and supplemental insurance coverage and needs help figuring things out to get the best affordable solution.
If you get laid off, I can look at your situation objectively. I’ll save you money and make sure that you have the exact insurance coverage that you need. You can see the doctor you prefer, go to the facilities you desire, and cover the prescriptions you rely on.

Is there any other information you'd like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?
I am licensed in thirteen states and partner with several prominent insurance carriers, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, Philadelphia American, National General and more. I mainly work through referrals. If a friend or family refers me to a state that I’m not already licensed in, I will add that state to assist them in getting the coverage that meets their needs.
To read testimonials, schedule an appointment, or reach me, visit our website at RMOBenefits.com. To message me and learn more about our insurance solutions, visit our Facebook page.

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next couple of years?
I am so pleased with how much we have grown over the past year, and I look forward to further expanding my team to ensure my clients continue receiving the superb customer service and attention that they deserve.
I look forward to networking with people again as the country begins to open back up. I love working from home, but I also can’t wait to start meeting in person. I’m also ready to be active again with the East Montgomery and West Lake Chambers of Commerce and other networking groups.   
To learn more about RMO Benefits, visit our profile at TheWoodlandsTX.com.

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