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Interview with Melody Fraser of Blissful Waters Float Center - The Woodlands

Interview with Melody Fraser of Blissful Waters Float Center - The Woodlands

Published: Dec 18, 2020, 2:00pm

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As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, this week we sat down with Melody Fraser, co-owner of Blissful Waters Float Center.

Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around?
We are an upscale float therapy center where our clients can unplug, remove sensory input and relax their mind and body. In a 7 x 8 ft. room filled with 1,600 pounds of Epsom salts, our clients have a zero-gravity weightless experience. Our float rooms have music and a calming light; however, we do recommend true sensory deprivation (removing the light and sound) in order to receive the full benefits that float therapy can offer. It is a truly magical healing experience.

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? 
As a wife and mom of two awesome kids, Chloe and Cody, I went through a period when I lost what it was like to be me. Every thought I had of my own was knocked out of my head. I often joked that their words were like baseballs being thrown at my thoughts. Nope, that’s not allowed!
My husband is originally from Australia and knew the benefits of floating. He sent me to a place to float and, wow, I was hooked after one float. After floating regularly, I slowly got myself back and felt better in so many ways. Eventually, I got tired of driving to Austin and Houston all the time to float. We decided together to bring floating to this community. 
My past jobs were always in the service/people industry. I’ve opened restaurants, some of Houston’s hottest night clubs and, after having kids, mostly worked in the health and fitness industry.

Tell us a couple things you are proud of about your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition? We’ve kept it simple … focusing on float therapy in a nice, calm, relaxing atmosphere. We have trained ourselves and our staff to be float coaches so that our clients receive the full benefits that float therapy can offer.
Communication is key. If someone suffers from anxiety, their float needs are different then a client suffering from pain. Each client can tailor their float experience to their need or want.
We only have large rooms; most float centers are pods with small rooms. My husband is 6 foot and wanted to be able to completely stretch out in his float. Our rooms accommodate those who have a fear of tight spaces.
The float centers I visited before opening were male owned and quite masculine. I always left with wet hair and no makeup. We have a vanity table with all the beauty essentials. After you float, you can get ready here and then go have a nice dinner or go for a hike.

What is your favorite part of running this business?
I love listening to our clients. After a float, they will tell me about their struggles, their triumphs and how they are feeling after their session. We have some great conversations!

Who is your ideal customer/client? Who do you serve best?
Clients suffering from pain are my most ideal. Along with athletes, and those suffering from pain, stress and anxiety. Most experience immediate relief by the end of their first float with the effects lasting days after. The float tank isn’t bam... one float you’re healed, but it does reduce inflammation. Clients suffering from constant pain melt in the water and describe the waters as pulling out the pain. I also really enjoy my serious athletes who come in to increase personal performance. They are so inspiring and make me want to do things like run. Lol- I don’t run unless someone is chasing me, but hey, maybe one day.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?
No business has been unaffected by COVID-19, that is for sure. Before COVID became real, Blissful Waters Float Center was booking clients four weeks in advance. Bookings were steady and consistent with a wait list, which was pushing the need for an additional float room, so we started looking into installing an additional room to cover the demand.
When federal restrictions were announced our bookings went from a weekly average of 90%+ capacity to around 10%. We were only allowed to float current clients, our members. Despite restrictions, we were happy to not be completely shut down, as Blissful waters float center helps many vets recovering from PTSD, pain management,  and those working their way out of prescriptions and addiction.

How has operations changed because of the pandemic?
As COVID became a concern we looked hard at our processes and sanitation procedures to gauge that against established virus protocols. We talked to a virologist who was remarkably familiar with Float tanks to identify any potential areas of concern. We sterilize all spaces after each client. The float tank itself goes through an ozone cycle directly after each float and UVC sanitizes all water that passes through the filtration system. Periodically, and after each float, the water is run through a 1 micron filter, with 35% hydrogen peroxide added as well for any extra biologicals.  Surface space and reading materials are all sanitized after each client.
Luckily floating is not a huge crowd drawer, with no more than 2 -3 people in each area of Blissful Waters Float Center. Post-float and pre-float rooms are easily made for social distancing; your float room is a private room. Additionally, each guest is required to shower before and after their float.
Originally the massage chairs were taken offline but once we found a CDC approved quality cleaner, we were able to bring them back.
The client experience is still our focus in such that they do not have to worry about safety protocols- just escape from the world outside our doors.
It is important to keep the extra work of sanitizing to us, the staff, not our clients. We do our best to have a COVID-19/political free zone for our clients to truly escape. Floating is extremely beneficial for everyone right now for pain management and mental health.

How have your future plans changed because of the pandemic?
Great question! Well, the public is no longer on a schedule; for a while there, no one planned anything. I remember clients breaking out their calendars for the first time in months. Every day is a mystery on what to expect. We took a leap of faith and moved forward as planned with the third float room- it will be ready for floating this weekend. The new room has starry lights on the ceiling. This will be a great transition for clients to move into NO light, pure sensory deprivation. We are also adding a medical grade Sunlighten sauna. This will be a great addition to a float session or on its own. David and I encountered a lot of challenges at the beginning days of Blissful. I believe those days prepared my husband and I for the challenges of today. We love helping our community through float therapy and look forward to many more years of floating The Woodlands.

Is there any other information you'd like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?
If floating in a weightless environment in a bunch of Epsom salts sounds good to you, come see us. We start you off in a relaxing room with a fabulous massage chair. After your float, kick back in the post float lounge and enjoy some healthy drinks like Bayou City Bucha, wheat grass shots, alkaline water and Kombucha.
For first time clients that want to see if floating is for them, we offer two introductory specials, with either two 60-minute sessions or three 60-minute sessions. For maximum benefits, we do recommend these sessions be used consecutively within a months time.
We also have a promotion for all veterans. Using discount code “Vet60’ or “Vet90” on our website’s booking page will get a veteran 20% off their float. Then, when you come in and show us your vet card, we comp your first float as a bonus and leave you a float credit for your next visit. Pretty cool, right? Float therapy has been shown to relieve symptoms of PTSD.

Blissful Waters Float Center is celebrating our 2nd anniversary! We are so grateful to our community for supporting us and helping our business grow!

To learn about the health benefits of floating, read our FAQs and review details on our introduction packages, single sessions, session packages and memberships, visit our website.
To read reviews from our customers, watch informative videos and learn about our upcoming events, visit our Facebook page.

To learn more about Blissful Waters Float Center, visit our profile at TheWoodlandsTX.com.

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