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Severe Weather Alert

Severe Weather Alert

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 1 mo, 28 days ago    
Severe Weather Alert
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Alert: The combination of near record high temperatures and high dewpoints
will produce increasingly dangerous heat index values between 100 and
106 degrees today.
With near record high temperatures persisting over
the weekend, heat index values are expected to peak at around or slightly
above 108 degrees and will likely require a Heat Advisory for parts
or possibly all of Southeast Texas.
At this time, it appears that a slightly more southerly wind beginning
on Monday might be enough of a change to bring a majority of heat index
values back below the 108 degree Heat Advisory threshold.
Heat-related illnesses and deaths are preventable, and all heat safety
precautions should be taken even if there is no Heat Advisory in effect!
Stay in air-conditioned locations as much as possible.
Wear light colored, lightweight and loose fitting clothes.
If outdoors, avoid strenuous activity and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
Take frequent breaks from the heat.
Never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles as interior temperatures can reach lethal levels in just a matter of minutes.
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cabeuser Active Indicator LED Icon 12
~ 1 mo, 27 days ago    
The dogs are hating this weather!
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