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Shabach Khoza: A Nerd He Is Not!

Shabach Khoza: A Nerd He Is Not!

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Author Photo by: TheWoodlandsTXDotCom Site Admin
~ 2 years, 3 mos ago   Jan 19 2017, 11:41am 
Shabach Khoza: A Nerd He Is Not!
[by Doug Sarant]
I'd like to apologize to all of you readers because in doing these profiles on students all I've been writing about are student athletes.

This just in, there is life after athletics. There are so many more school activities that also involve gifted young people. One of those activities literally has hundreds of gifted participants. That was a good hint. You got it? Correct! It's band.
Some of you may be thinking that being in a band has nothing to do with being on a team and you couldn't be any more wrong. The life lessons gleaned from being in band are numerous and they all have everything to do with learning how to be a team player. The best benefit a musician can take away from playing an instrument is the level of individual discipline that is required to master the instrument. In the activity, the musician strives for perfection. When the kids go to contests or auditions, the main focus of the adjudicators is to look and listen for things the student musicians do incorrectly. There are also many times when a kid is rewarded for doing something great, but if there are errors in their performance, it takes away from the impact of the performance. Therefore, it takes away from others in the band (team).
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Our subject today, as evidenced by his being voted Homecoming King is a very popular young man...and yes, he is in the TWHS band. I'm aware of the unjustified label being put on band members...that band people are Band Nerds. Ya know, I have to tell you I've come to know hundreds of band students in my time covering high school events as well as through traveling - that label is indeed unjustified.
So, I'll let Homecoming King Shabach Khoza show you just how far off base that label is in this Profile of the Week:
Tell us about all of the activities you are involved in.

- I’m involved in is TWHS Band, Spanish National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and Track & Field. Outside of school, I am part of the hospitality service for my church.
You were voted Homecoming King which means you are a popular guy. Tell us why you think people like and relate to you.
- Since 1st grade, I've moved from different schools in The Woodlands and made a lot of friends. People seem to like me because I show a positive attitude and a have a sense of humor. I give it out but I can also take it. I always like to make new friends every school year. I like to approach those that are shy and make them feel comfortable. Everyone can use a friend and I look out for those who may not have many. I don't mind being the subject of a joke so I can tend to stick out in class because sometimes I jokingly embarrass myself which makes my classmates laugh.
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Do you enjoy going to The Woodlands High School?
- Of course, I love the Woodlands High school because of its amazing teachers and counselors that educate me to achieve greatness as a young adult. Every day, I’m excited to learn new topics and study new subjects that interest me. Not to brag or anything, but The Woodlands is so much better than other schools when it comes to athletic awards and scholarships.
Do you have any colleges lined up?
- There are some colleges that I would like to attend in Texas, especially Texas A&M and University of Texas at Austin. But, my dream college I desire to attend is Ohio State University because I love their marching band and music program. My field of study would be engineering because mathematics and science are my best subjects.
What do you hope to be doing after college?
- My hopes and dreams after college would be to travel around the world and study new cultures and visit new places.
What do you enjoy doing away from school?
- I enjoy spending time with my friends away from school. Often, we just meet at a park or at someone's house and just wing our day.
Do you have a role model?
- My role model is my dad because of his dedication to be a better person and loving father who inspires me to work harder every day.
Describe how supportive your family is in everything you do in your life:
- Words cannot describe how supportive my family is to me. Through struggling times, my family always tells me to keep fighting the good fight and to finish strong. Sometimes, they encourage me when I feel like giving up, but that just means they don’t want me to be disappointed in myself.
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If you had a million dollars to donate to any charity, which one would you choose?
- I would give it to the Salvation Army because not every child has the perfect family or lifestyle. The money I'd donate would help them have some kindness and let them know they are loved by others.
Three things people don't know about you:
- I make dank memes about band.
I binge eat while watching Youtube videos.
I love to play racing games on my computer.
When did you dance last?
- At Homecoming. I'm fairly good at dancing but if the song is my jam, then I WILL bust a move.
Your favorite song in your phone right now:

- My favorite song is 'Where Ya At' by Future.
Your favorite movie:
- My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars.
If you could marry any actress, which one would be fortunate enough to land you?

- Jennifer Aniston because her movies are funny and enjoyable. Great actress!
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During my tenure as a travel leader for a student travel organization, I've found out first hand that the stigma associated with band kids being nerds is insanely way off base. Traveling the globe for a month with people gives you no choice but to really get to know them. What I take away from my association with band members is they are no different than anyone else in the school. In fact, they are probably more wild than most high school students. I had room check one night in Wales which involves just knocking on the door and having every student traveler occupying the particular room you are checking to come to the door and show their faces. I was about to knock on this one door and through the door I couldn't help but hear some of the most creatively filthy language I've ever heard. I promise you, I could not believe what I was hearing and I'm no angel. So, the four girls come to the door to show their faces - including this one with whom I thought was a sweet and innocent doll of a 15 year old girl. I looked at her and said..."Sarah, let me ask you a question...Do you actually play the flute with that mouth? Of course, she's like..."Whatever do you mean? Did you hear something?" I looked at her incredulously and said..."Did I hear something? The whole freaking hotel heard something!"
So, I hope you enjoyed your time with Shabach. I sure did! If you ask anyone who knows him they will tell you he has an awesome personality. Does he have some nerd in him? Don't we all? I mean really, what nerd binge eats while watching YouTube videos?
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Author Photo sillystring
~ 2 years, 3 mos ago   Jan 19 2017, 12:41pm 
Removed by Request
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Author Photo DougS
~ 2 years, 3 mos ago   Jan 19 2017, 8:42pm 
He sure is! Thank u for reading, sillystring.
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