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Cassidy Joined For Hope

Cassidy Joined For Hope

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by: TheWoodlandsTXDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon 7 Site Admin  OP 
~ 6 years ago   Sep 5, '16 12:48pm  
Cassidy Joined For Hope
[By Doug Sarant]
The Woodlands resident, Kim Hess is all about spreading Teen Suicide Awareness. Her passion stems from her daughter, Cassidy taking her own life last year. Cassidy's Story
Recently, she invited Cassidy's closest friends to brainstorm with her on figuring out the gap that exists between the kids and the adult world...so the lifeline of communication is in place to have the important conversations that might keep a teen from having suicidal thoughts.
Ultimately, Kim and the group formed a school approved club focused on teen suicide and awareness and prevention. The name of the club is "Cavs Joined for Hope" (Cavs for Cavaliers and CJH-Cassidy's initials). The purpose of this club is to break the silence about mental health and teen suicide by continuing the conversation that has finally been started and focus on preventative measures, self value, anti-bullying, social media dangers and simply spreading the powerful message that Kindness Matters. Kim indicated the number 1 goal is to save lives.
National Suicide Prevention Week is this week, September 5-11. Cavs Joined for Hope has planned a full week of spreading positive messages throughout each school day. The group has reserved Woodlands Church on Wednesday evening for public speakers to address these topics with students and parents. Kim will be speaking again along with others. Dean Sikes will be the key note speaker with a message of "You Matter". Below is the information about the Wednesday evening event: youmatter.us/YouMatt er_web.pdf
Also on Wednesday, Chic-fil-A is doing a Spirit Night from 4:30-6:30pm at the College Park, Lake Woodlands, Sawdust and Alden Bridge locations. A portion of their sales will be donated to Cassidy Joined for Hope.
Kim talked about a Friday morning event as well: "Friday morning we will meet at the Chic-fil-A (3425 College Park Dr.) before school and pray at 6:30AM." Kim said they have approval to spread the awareness during the football games through the football players wearing purple socks and cheerleaders cheering with purple pom-poms for the games that week.
To end the week, the Club has planned a community wide kickball tournament .... “Kick-Fest” ... at the College Park baseball fields, Sunday, Sept. 11. Below is the promotional video the kids made for this event. It is spreading like crazy through social media and we anticipate a great response. The Cavs Joined for Hope had a table at CP orientation last week and had 136 new members sign up!! Kim is elated with the response. "That is just amazing!! This just proves to us that the kids are looking to find HOPE out of all this darkness."

www.youtube.com/watc h?v=SUTIVwDsJkY
This foundation, Cassidy Joined for Hope, Inc. will be the hub for Cavs Joined for Hope club and for all future Joined for Hope clubs as they spread to other school campuses. The Cassidy Joined for Hope foundation will secure sponsors and donations to further spread the movement and support all Joined for Hope Clubs. The group will host more community wide discussions with guest speakers focused on teen suicide, preventative measures, anti-bullying, healthy communication between parents and teens, etc. Cassidy Joined for Hope foundation will set the guidelines for each school club. One of these requirements is to have the officers of each Joined for Hope club trained and certified in the Youth MAX program. This is a youth leadership curriculum designed to give today’s young people practical tools and ideas to help them navigate life in four key areas:
1) Stand Up and Be Counted (Stop Bullying)
2) Learning to Fail Forward to Success
3) Developing a Positive Self-Image
4) Developing Strong Personal Character.
It is important to build up our teens so they have the confidence and strength to face any conflict that tries to break them down!
Please learn more about Cassidy Joined for Hope, Inc. at their new website www.CassidyJoinedfor Hope.com It is still under construction and will be continuously updated.
In speaking with Kim, her passion regarding Teen Suicide Awareness just oozes out and makes you just want to give her a huge hug and help in any way you can. You can help in many ways to include helping to spread this information around.
The one thing that helps the most would be for all of us to just be nice to each other and know that we are all facing battles each and every day. Some battles may be more serious than others but we all have them. Spreading love to each other and having compassion for one another is so huge.
See you at all of the Cassidy Joined for Hope events this week.
Let's start a trend by being nice to each other starting today.
If you have any questions, you can call 713-377-0712. Ask for Doug.
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sillystring Active Indicator LED Icon 11
~ 6 years ago   Sep 5, '16 1:13pm  
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