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HOA Home Improvement Guidelines in The Woodlands

HOA Home Improvement Guidelines in The Woodlands

The Covenants require that all improvements to existing structures and all new construction on lots with completed homes be approved by the Residential Design Review Committee, a committee of homeowners elected by the residents of each village. This includes but is not limited to: paint color changes, play structures, decks, fences, paving, patio covers, storage buildings, new garages, garage conversions, room additions, satellite dishes, exterior lighting, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pools and spas.

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Plans are reviewed and acted on in accordance with The Woodlands Residential Development Standards, which are available at The Woodlands Township office. There is a separate application form for each type of improvement. The following information is provided as a summary of the application process, and it is not intended to be all-inclusive. To begin planning a home improvement, call The Woodlands Township, Covenant Administration Department, at 281-210-3973, to request an information packet for your particular project. Or you can visit our Web site at www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov

Neighborhood Criteria: Your packet will include the Neighborhood Criteria, if applicable for your lot, specific design criteria set by the Standards which ensure the architectural integrity of each specific neighborhood. They regulate materials and design, building set backs, restrictions as to the percentage of a lot which may be covered by hard surface such as concrete, and restrictions as to the number of square feet of living area allowable in a given area.

Approval: Certain specific improvements have been pre-approved and do not require an application or written approval. Pre-approved projects are listed at the end of each Standard. If the Standard does not clearly describe your project as one that is pre-approved, submit an application or call the office for information.

In order to provide better service, certain common improvements (such as typical fences and decks) do not require full committee review. A complete application and supplemental information are still required, but home improvement projects that qualify for the "One-Step" process will generally be issued permits within three business days. Specific requirements are given in the applicable Standards. Please call to see if your project may qualify.

Supplemental Information: Specific information is required for each application. Remember to call if you have difficulty completing the form or obtaining the required information. Help may be available, and failure to provide information may delay committee review of your application.

A. Property Survey: All improvements except painting or re-roofing require a copy of your property survey (available from your title company) with the location of the proposed improvement clearly drawn to scale thereon.

B. Elevation and Construction Drawings: All applications for improvements require elevation drawings to scale and construction drawings to scale. The plans submitted for room additions, screened rooms, garages, and other structural modifications to the home or garage must be sealed by an A.I.B.D. / T.I.B.D. / N.C.B.D.C. designer, a licensed architect or a structural engineer.

C. Sample Materials: Color chips are required for all painting applications. Sample materials may also be required for roofing, siding, or other improvements. Muted shades are the norm for The Woodlands. A list of roofing materials and color samples that comply to the Standards are available for review at The Woodlands Township office.

D. Refundable Compliance Deposit/Inspection System: Certain major projects such as room additions, attached patio covers and swimming pools require a refundable compliance deposit. The compliance deposit is returned to the applicant upon successful completion of the project.

E. Third Party Inspection System: A third party inspector meeting Township requirements will visit the property several times during the course of the project to certify that the improvement has been constructed according to applicable codes, the approved plans and the Standards.

Committee Decisions:
Committee decisions are based upon preservation of the architectural compatibility of the neighborhood, privacy, and compliance with the Covenants, Standards, Neighborhood Criteria, and compliance with the applicable building code. Following the committee meeting, the owner will receive an official notice in the mail concerning what action the committee has taken. If your project is not approved by the Residential Design Review Committee for your village, you may appeal their decision to the Development Standards Committee or the Development Review Committee. Complete instructions for your appeal will be provided at that time.

Office Hours: The The Woodlands Township Service Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at 2201 Lake Woodlands Drive. Call the Covenant Administration Department at 281-210-3973.
This list is not inclusive and details are subject to change. To avoid misunderstandings and inconvenience, always contact The Woodlands Township office for the current standard as applicable. Phone 281-210-3973.


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