Community Agreement / Usage Policy is a local gathering place for neighbors in the The Woodlands, Texas area.
If you follow the goal of "Keeping Friendly," you should have no problem fitting in the with crowd!

Keep Friendly, Safe and Welcoming:
A Couple Guidelines:
  • A thick skin is required to participate.
  • No insults, name calling, or inflammatory comments intended to start a fight. Refrain from posting personal attacks or grievances publicly. Avoid broad negative generalizations about other members.
  • If many people might interpret a message or picture as racist, bigoted or sexist, please refrain from posting it.
  • Don't pretend to be someone else, or post under several usernames.
  • Privacy / Anonymity: Do not post personal information (real name, address, work place, physical description, email address, family status, etc.) that would betray the anonymity of another member without permission, either publicly or in private messages. We can only enforce your anonymity/privacy if you are careful about giving out your information publicly. If you think someone has violated your privacy / anonymity, please contact an Admin ASAP.
  • No "stalking behavior," including: following a member from one discussion thread to another while criticizing him/her; following someone into another thread and trying to continue a disagreement that began elsewhere; disparaging an individual in a thread where that person is not participating.
  • Debate can be lively, but should remain civil and respectful, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like religion, politics, sexuality, and race.
  • No National Political Discussions: No national political discussions on the forums. Local politics (city / town level) are OK. The forums are for chatting and making friends between neighbors and for discussing and sharing local information, and controversial political discussion is often contrary to this aim. Discussions about national political hot topics or "conservative vs liberal" discussions may be deleted without notice.
  • Keep the forums clean: messages that are too crude may get deleted. Don't post sexually explicit or violent pictures.
  • No business solicitations, advertisements or spam on the forums, please.
  • Please follow our strict photo & video guidelines when posting photos or videos to the forums, including profile pictures.
  • No meme-type photos mocking / criticizing other site members.
  • "Ignore" is meant to reduce conflict. Use it if you like. Messages about "Ignore" will be deleted from the forums.
  • "Keep Friendly" applies to all participation on the site, including private messages.
Moderators have the final word on forum decisions. Any message that we feel doesn't keep the forums friendly and inviting for others, may be removed or locked by moderators. We are willing to discuss disputes in a calm manner, but publicly attacking a moderator, or intentionally undermining a moderator's actions, will get your account locked.

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