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Seller Guidelines & Prohibited Activities

Seller Guidelines & Prohibited Activities

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What's OK:

  • Selling your used personal stuff is always OK.
  • Buying used stuff locally at a garage sale or auction and reselling it, is OK.

What's NOT OK:

Not Allowed: False or Misleading Seller Location:

Sellers must accurately enter their location information in their seller profile. Please enter your real location -- entering incorrect information could get your selling capabilities revoked on the site. Your seller location is updated each time you post an ad.

Not Allowed: Wholesale Sellers:

We will remove items when a seller appears to be buying from a bulk or wholesale source, and reselling them on the classifieds. Selling a large number of new items with stock product photography might get your account flagged under this rule.

Not Allowed: New Item Sellers:

We will remove items when a seller appears to be selling a large number of brand new, or "only used once", items on the classifieds. This is primarily a resource to resell used items, not new items. If around a third or more of the items you are selling appear to be near-new, your account might be flagged under this rule.

Not Allowed: Custom Made Items:

We will remove items if it appears the seller has made items from scratch and is selling them on the classifieds. Examples include: custom hair bows, diaper cakes, and homemade floral arrangements.

Not Allowed: Refurbished Sellers:

We will remove items if it appears you're buying items, refurbishing them, and flipping them for a profit. Most commonly this includes furniture, however it also could apply to things like computer systems, and automobiles.

Not Allowed: Businesses or Sellers Operating Like A Business:

We will remove items if it appears you're acting more like a business than a private seller. In particular, if you are selling your item from a warehouse or storage, you have one or more employees to sell your items, or you have a logo, or use retail price tags, or are routinely selling big ticket items ( like cars or tractors or boats), or accept credit cards, then your account might be flagged under this rule.

Not Allowed: Never Ending Reposts:

We may remove items if it appears you've posted the item repeatedly and we don't believe the post will result in a sale any longer. This can happen if you've reposted the same ad over a period of several months, or if you've reposted the same ad every day for a week or longer.

Not Allowed: Offers of Services or Business Solicitations:

In addition to the rules above, Business Solicitations are not allowed in the classifieds.

What is a business solicitation:

A "business solicitation" is any offer to the general public to provide a service in exchange for money. This could include: lawn mowing services, nanny services, dog walkers, handy man services, etc. It also includes the advertisement of products you've built or created to sell to the public, or items you are reselling from a wholesaler at a profit, or selling something on behalf of others for a fee.

"But I'm just an individual working out of my home!"

Even if you are working alone and from home -- if you are creating products to sell for profit, or if you are offering services to the general public for profit, your classified ad is considered a "business solicitation," and may be rejected.

"But so-and-so is doing the same thing!..."

Send us a link -- occasionally ads that break the rules fall through the cracks, but this doesn't mean it's OK to break the "No Business Solicitations" rule.

Example of titles of actual rejected classified ads / business solicitations: (Not Allowed)
  • "Summer Child Care for School Aged Children"
  • "Full time baby sitter in my Kingwood home"
  • "Fiberglass Boat Repair - Call us today!"
  • "Rent-a-Husband"
  • "Be your own boss REALLY!"
  • "Residential and Commercial Cleaning"

Not Allowed: Dog & Cat Pet Sales are Prohibited:

  • No dog or cat sales, please.
  • No stud service advertisements, please.
  • Re-homing/adoption is OK with a small adoption fee. ($125 or less)
  • Professional breeders may not list dogs or cats for adoption at any price.
If you are listing a dog or cat for adoption, you must include in your ad:
  • The full adoption fee amount. (Max. of $125)
  • Your location / city.
If this information is not listed, your ad may be deleted by an administrator.

These new restrictions have been put in place due to concern from the local community, and is inline with similar restrictions put in place by other large classified systems such as Craigslist and eBay.

Note: Various local rescue organizations that have been approved by the staff, may post adoption fees in excess of the amount posted above.

Not Allowed: Gun & Ammo Sales:

No firearms, explosives, ammunition, or weapon accessories are allowed to be sold on the web site.

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