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Mama Mia's - The Woodlands Restaurants

Mama Mia's: 30420 FM 2978, The Woodlands
Phone: 281-414-3605
Categories for Mama Mia's: Italian Restaurants
$$$ (3/5)
Restaurant Rating - Mama Mia's:   ( 16 ratings / reviews )
1 stars.

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Mama Mia's Reviewed by texbuck on 08/14/2013.
Member since: October 2010.
1 stars
Looks like after close friends and family stopped giving 5 star ratings the truth came out, this place was awful. I am surprised they stayed open as long as they did.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by realtalk on 09/10/2012.
Member since: September 2012.
1 stars
Terrible. I know fresh food. This was just reheated S**T. My first visit was bad, but i just thought it was because the cooks and workers were having a bad day. So i decided to just try it one more time, but never again. I dont recommend it, and their prices are outragous. Seriously? This is stuff i can cook better myself.

Response from navwave on 09/11/2012.
How true, it is awful ...PERIOD!
Mama Mia's Reviewed by jaros on 07/15/2012.
Member since: July 2012.
1 stars
Had a terrible experience and will never go back. Took forever, about 45 minutes for the food after I ordered. Lifted up my burger and there was mold on the bun. Asked for a replacement and never got it. My wife's meal was also substandard. Left hungry and upset.

Response from navwave on 07/17/2012.
One word describes this place ... "AWFUL" It looks like friends and family wrote some good reviews on this place.
Mama Mia's Reviewed by drpitzer on 04/26/2012.
Member since: September 2011.
4 stars
Good value. Got a meat pizza one time, and it was the LEAST greasy meat pizza we've ever had ... even when the leftovers were reheated. Will definitely go back again and again.

Response from navwave on 05/01/2012.
Amazing how many favorable posts are first timers. Makes you wonder if they are friends and family???
Mama Mia's Reviewed by texbuck on 03/04/2012.
Member since: October 2010.
2 stars
Bekow average, not what we expected, this is not a full service restaurant. You place your order at the cashiers desk, pay the bill then get your own silverwear, napkinns, drinks, etc. I had the Veal Parm and it was average at best and that's a compliment. My wife had the lobster ravioli and it was swimming in sauce, looked like a bowl of soup. We went today (Sunday) and we were the only people in the place. I wish them well but doubt they last very long, the owner sat a table doing paper work and never even approaced us to ask us how the meal was, they need attention to detail.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by LadyShriver1 on 02/08/2012.
Member since: February 2012.
4 stars
We ate there for the first time today (we did get our order to-go). The service was excellent, and the lunch specials were reasonably priced and good portions. Everything tasted good and I definitely loved the garlic knot, even though it wasn't what I was expecting. If you are trying to compare this to Brio or the Grotto, don't. We thought of it as more like higher class fast food, and weren't dissapointed. We will definitely go back.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by CDM49 on 01/16/2012.
Member since: January 2012.
1 stars
Absolutly Terrible. Could not eat the food. Got up and walked out.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by Apulliam22 on 01/11/2012.
Member since: January 2012.
5 stars
The knot bread was awesome! I'm a bread lover so I feel like I can make a pretty good judgment on bread. If for no other reason go for the bread!!! Husband got the beef ravioli and it was pretty good, tasted fresh and the sauce had a little bit of a vodka taste to it. Made me think it was homemade. I had the tortellini Alfredo, it was very mild not over powered with garlic or butter. All and all a nice addition to the area and I will be back many times for that rediculous bread!!

Mama Mia's Reviewed by kaatiya on 12/31/2011.
Member since: December 2011.
5 stars
The food is very delightful. The pizza is great. The beef ravioli is delicious and the garlic knot bread is worth the trip every time. Unlike a previous reviewer, our family loves the tomato basil soup. Both my husband and my rather picky 4-year-old adore the tomato basil soup at Mama Mia. There are so few places anymore where you don't feel rushed. Places where the staff sees you and recognizes you and makes you feel welcome and valued as a customer. Mama Mia is a wonderful change from the cattle-drive chains that we all seem to have accepted. At Mama Mia you will be made welcome, treated courteously and, after a few visits, the staff will know you and feel like friends. It also feels good to support a "mom and pop shop." It's great to have a small, family-run business in our neck of The Woodlands.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by bbeecckkiiii on 12/06/2011.
Member since: December 2011.
5 stars
I absolutely love this place. We eat here every Tuesday! Their pasta, pizza and calzones are all delicious. Their bread is awesome, too! The owner is incredibly kind and generous.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by victorygirl on 12/05/2011.
Member since: December 2011.
5 stars
I am very pleased with the opening of Mama Mia Iatliana's--good food, prices and sevice. I would definitely recommend checking this restaurant out. Glad to see the Family of Italiano's in Humble and Atascotia have spread their wings over on this side of town.

Mama Mia's Reviewed by colleenleblanc on 09/29/2011.
Member since: September 2011.
1 stars
Hmmm where do I begin. Everything is over priced (even soft drinks are like $3) I ordered a soup the "tomato" basil soup and it was so nasty. It was 99% cream and salt and 1% tomato. There are so many better Italian restaurants in the area. Try those instead! :(
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