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Occasions by Candice Catering - The Woodlands Restaurants

Phone: 2816422606
Categories for Occasions by Candice Catering: Catering
Restaurant Rating - Occasions by Candice Catering:   ( 1 ratings / reviews )
2 stars.

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Occasions by Candice Catering Reviewed by linneydp on 12/29/2014.
Member since: December 2014.
2 stars
We used her service for a surprise party. The big surprise was Candice showing up an hour and a half late, almost blowing the surprise. She also changed the agreed upon menu because the "lamb was too expensive". Also half of the chicken was pink and could not be eaten. The "menu" was discussed 2 weeks in advance of the party. We had soup and she didn't bring bowls or spoons. We asked for a 15% refund for the chicken, changing the menu and being late. Here was her response. Please read my email as an explanation and apology, I am not attacking you I promise! I wanted to say I'm sorry you were so unsatisfied, I do have a little explanation as well an apology. I am sorry sorry I was late. The residence was 11 minutes from my home and it took 40 minutes, honestly if I would have known there was going to be a train (I live on the oak ridge side) I would have took a different route. I want you to know we had took a lighter but it slid out of the tub and was under a seat. We couldn't find it and so during the bustle we just asked for one, I can bring the lighter by we honestly wouldn't take time to intentionally steal a $2 lighter. We could very much since the anger from everyone trying to help set up and it made Sean and I very uncomfortable. We were trying to get it all out and wanted to have. 15 minute delay so it could heat up to the optimum temp. This is a direct result of being late and this defiantly snowballed events like the lighter and the cups, there was so much chaos surrounding the table that we left not noticing the cups were not left. I am very sorry for that, I know I learned a lesson, it is better for us to come in and "do our thing" all the "help" was stressful and got both my husband and I off our game and honestly we felt uncomfortable. As for the pretty display.... The menu I proposed is this I have never in 6 years have had a party where people come straight in and eat, I am sorry that in this case that was the plan and I am very sorry for being late. I would have liked to have decorate but the menu was changed completely and there was no longer any display items. I asked one if the ladies writing out the cards at the time I was trying to get chaffing out if we could do some decor and she said no there really isn't a way to fit on the table. And decorating chaffing isn't practical . The new items should have changes the bill dramatically. I decided to not do so because it was a budget restricted drop off, rather then bump the cost $400 I left it the same. I know you had a budget and that was the reason you didn't go with full service. I am the one who did say you could tweak the menu, I never thought for a minute that it would be every item but 3 listed. I also had to change the lamb to beef due to availability and cost, I simply could spend that much on lamb once I saw the holiday premium cost due to availability. It would have been an unbelievable bump in cost for me then for you as well. I should have checked with you, although being a small company I shopped till 11pm, and didn't know of change till that time. I was going to tell you at the party, I couldn't get your attention to wanted say bye and realized you were not going to even speak to us. I have never left an event with out speaking to the host. I want to show you the menu side by side to see the dramatic changes And the ones marked should have numbed the bill by $400

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