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The Woodlands Permits

Looking for information on whether you need a permit before making improvements to your home, yard, garage or even your dog house?

The place to start is at The Woodlands Township Residential Applications Form page. 

Chances are there is a form for whatever home improvement you might have in mind.


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posted Sep. 23rd, 2013 - 1:18pm
Jeff Otto says:
Hello, I just moved to the woodlands and have spent a few days at the local Randall\'s, Starbucks, etc and I wanted to say how pleased I am with the job you people have done in creating this shopping environment. I assume that it is part of the building code that stores are not allowed to pump music out into open public areas. I LOVE THAT! It makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience. Please continue to do this and I will continue to shop here and tell my friends who don\'t live in the woodlands, how much I enjoy it here.

Thank you!

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