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posted Nov. 23rd, 2014 - 3:26pm
DKGLyons0622 says:
I agree with everything in both of the above comments. I\'m sure George Mitchell is turning over in his grave with what The Woodlands has become. Just another subdivision in north Houston. Increased traffic and crime in a woodless land of destroyed trees which is no longer a wonderful place to live. So sad.

posted May. 18th, 2014 - 10:09am
T. Barry says:
Why in the world can the Woodlands Development Co. Or whoever, keep building all these businesses but CANNOT build a new Mall in the back of the Woodlands? That would alleviate most of the traffic congestion that is clogging up the Market Street and Mall areas! Why should those people in the Sterling Ridge, Alden Bridge, etc. areas have to travel so far in traffic? Just put money into building a whole new MALL in the back where so many people live. With 100,000+ population it only makes since to me I guess! One Mall is not enough!!

posted Apr. 5th, 2011 - 1:58pm
Charles Mattei says:
The article of March 31st concerning the telephone survey made by the Development Company is certainly alarming. The perception is that the TWDC was conducting a polictical survey;ie, questioning the voting in the Hausman-Stillwell race. One has to wonder about the motives of TWDC as this question has nothing to do about the " quality of life, transportation , eductation , etc " And the answer of the TWDC representative about the political question that there " might be something in there about the one contested race" suggests " oops, we got caught"

Again, perception, perception. Does the TWDC want to stack the deck, so to speak, in favor of directors favorable to their business at the expense of those directors who represent the citizen/ taxpayers ? One has to recall the Water Taxi vote by the directors...a vote that
bought from the TWDC a money losing business at the cost of over $ 500,000 by we taxpayers and also transferring the ongoing annual loss of operating the taxis from TWDC to the taxpayers of the Township.

These comments are not meant to state that our elected directors are failing in their responsibilties to the Township's citizens in favor of the TWDC...nor that the Development Company is spending political money in favor of certain this is something one doesn't know for a fact...but there is a PERCEPTION than worries us.

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