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Complete List of Woodlands Hotels

The Woodlands is home to many top quality hotels and conference centers.

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High End Hotels and Resorts in The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands provides some of the nicest, high end hotels and resorts in Texas. Choose from the options below:

~ $209 - $299
Editor's Comments: This hotel is located inside Market Street, one of the nicest shopping destinations in the Houston area. Stepping out of the front door of this hotel lands you among dozens of high end retail stores and restaurants.
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center
~ $199 - $275
Editor's Comments: The Waterway Marriott is positioned in the middle of The Woodlands Town Center, and is within walking distance of a movie theater, various high end restaurants, the Woodlands Pavilion, and the beautiful Woodlands Waterway. It is also a two minute car ride to Market Street and the Mall shopping.
The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center
~ $139 - $399
Editor's Comments: The Woodlands Resort is not within Town Center, but across the street from Woodlands Parkway -- this provides a more natural, relaxing setting, with the usual high end amenities you would expect from a Woodlands Resort.

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* Comments are solely the opinion of editors, and hotel circumstances may change over time. We recommend all visitors to The Woodlands choose several ideal hotels and preview them all before renting a room.

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