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The Woodlands Trails and Pathways

There are more than 160 miles of pathways and trails linking the villages in The Woodlands. These important trails connect The Woodlands villages, schools, parks and shopping centers. They also serve as a safe venue to exercise, walk, run, bicycle, roller blade and enjoy the outdoors.

A comprehensive map of the trail system in The Woodlands is available through the Parks & Recreation Department of The Woodlands Township:

The Woodlands Pathway & Trail Map

Hike and bike trails can also be found at the George Mitchell Nature Preserve.  (link includes park info + trails map)


posted Oct. 22nd, 2016 - 3:22pm
Ragtimelil says:
I walk with a cane and a dog. I\'d really like to find some place to walk that didn\'t have bicycles roaring past with no warning. At least put a bell on it and use it. I don\'t mind moving over but when they come out of nowhere it scares the heck out of me. I\'ve just about stopped walking.

posted Sep. 26th, 2016 - 10:06am
Abby says:
Is there a local lake to swim?

posted Oct. 28th, 2015 - 7:02pm
Courtney says:
Walking Partner Anyone ?

posted Aug. 10th, 2015 - 11:09am
Frustrated Resident says:
There is a lot of construction on the pathway system. It is really frustrating to start a bike ride only to find a key pathway closed. Is there a list anywhere of pathway construction projects and projected completion dates??

posted Nov. 9th, 2014 - 2:20pm
Grogans Mill Resident says:
I have lived here my entire life and I found this map to show my daughter how to get to our local tennis courts via the trails. Unfortunately, the trails are not shown on the map - and these are some of the oldest trails in The Woodlands. Please update.

posted Apr. 4th, 2014 - 1:59pm
Cyclist in Spandex says:
Joe Commuter, you cannot ride an SUV in the pathways. You can though lawfully ride a bicycle on the road and I believe there is plenty of room for both cars and bicycles. If you were an experienced rider, you would know that you cannot ride your bicycle safely at 20-25 miles per hour in a windy walking path without putting yourself and others in the walkway in danger. Share the road Joe - it\'s just that simple.

posted Aug. 16th, 2013 - 12:10pm
Coach Liz says:
I have mapped out ALL the trails in The Woodlands and divided them up in 3 - 4 mile segments called Legs. I also created a website where all these legs are posted. Go to for more info. I am currently updating the site and adding pictures and more details about each leg. These are MY trails and I LOVE them. If you have questions about a specific section you can e-mail me at

posted Jul. 6th, 2013 - 6:10pm
dstedman says:
I am so surprised that the beautiful hike/bike/equestrian trails of the Spring Creek Greenway are not mentioned on this site. We have one of the very best natural systems with more acrage along this creek on both the Montgomery County side and the Harris County side than I think just about any area of the country. May I suggest that if you are interested in knowing more about this asset to our community you pop onto their website and get more info.

posted Jan. 22nd, 2013 - 4:38am
Anonymous says:
Are there any places to jog/run in the woodlands that are dirt and not cement/asphalt?

posted Sep. 14th, 2012 - 6:43pm
Julia Cleath says:
Are electric golf carts allowed on the path system?

posted Jul. 12th, 2012 - 1:14am
Joe Commuter says:
160 miles of bike trails, and cyclists in spandex still choose to take the roads. Can I take my SUV on the bike trails?

posted Sep. 22nd, 2011 - 6:08pm
safety and hogs? says:
I saw 2 wild hogs right next to the bike path at Gosling and Creekside Forest Dr intersection at 6:30pm yesterday (still light out). I was in my car at the time.

I'm a bit worried about this, I'm new here and where I moved from, there were no wild hogs. If I, or my kids, encounter wild hogs when turning one of the curves on the path, what should be done? Keep going past them? Stop and turn around and pedal like crazy? Yell and try to scare them?

I was told they run fast and are dangerous.

Is it typical to see wild hogs in the daytime - early evening while still light out?


posted Jul. 20th, 2011 - 4:31pm
@Creekside Trails says:
I bike that area alot, and short of getting on the George Mitchell bike trails you will at some point have to follow Gosling or Kuykendahl (to the best of my knowledge). The new path on Gosling is beautiful though, and although it is currently being finished it is rideable, and ends conveniently right at Creekside.

If you really want to avoid big roads, you can go up the Gosling path about a half mile and, right where the construction ends, you can take a right. That will put you onto the trails that go around the Tangle Brush area and further.

posted Jun. 18th, 2011 - 1:29pm
Frustrated says:
This trail map is terribly out of date, and has been for years now. Great that there has been investment in new trails - - how about letting folks know about it!

posted Jun. 12th, 2011 - 8:22am
Interested homeowner says:
Where can I find mileage on these hike and bike trails? I know they have been measured.


posted Jun. 9th, 2011 - 10:11pm
Creekside Trails says:
Does Creekside Park have any connecting trails to the Northside (Montgomery CO.) of the Woodlands, without having to get on Kuykendahl or Gosling?

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